jueves, 8 de enero de 2009

EVE Online: Apocrypha

CCP acaba de anunciar que en Marzo tendremos la nueva expansión de Eve online; Apocrypha. En esta nueva expansión se incluirán las naves de Tech 3, nuevas misiones épicas, agujeros de gusano y nuevas zonas del espacio a explorar. Esta es la décima expansión gratuita para los jugadores de Eve online. Aqui tenemos la nota oficial de prensa sobre este anuncio:

Reykjavik, Iceland January 8, 2008- CCP, one of the world’s leading independent game developers, today announced the launch of the tenth free expansion for EVE Online, its popular science-fiction massively multi-player online game (MMOG). EVE Online: Apocrypha is the most ambitious EVE expansion in the game's over five year history and it coincides with the March 10th, 2009 release of EVE Online as a boxed product through a partnership with Atari.

The fabric of space itself will be transformed as vast, unpredictable wormholes open to connect previously unexplored regions of the universe to the stars of New Eden. The seeds of advanced new technology await inside of these cosmic anomalies for those brave enough to explore them. This infusion of technology will enable production of the most dynamic vessels ever – Tech 3 modular ships with an astounding amount of customizability that can fill any role from skirmish muscle to industrial support.

Furthermore, NPC agents in EVE Online: Apocrypha will be authorized to assign Epic Mission Arcs to the pilots of New Eden. These branching, far-reaching mission strings are full of meaningful stories and more intelligent and deadly adversaries.

In addition, we are offering an entirely reworked New Player Experience for those joining (or rejoining) the game – giving them better insight into how to thrive in a truly limitless universe. We’ve already launched EVElopedia—a great repository for information on all things EVE where our players are also building their own living history of the previous five years of Alliance warfare, political intrigue and nostalgic recollection

Vídeo del fanfest sobre personalizacion de naves

enlace a más información sobre Tech 3

(gracias a Dagon por el aviso)

Hablando de Eve online en estos días se ha hecho público que un piloto Caldari llamado NTRabbit ha llegado a la cifra de 100 milliones de puntos de habilidad (ahi es nada :s ).

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